Frequently Asked Questions

If I do not own a property or home in PLC can I join the club?

If I have a co-owner in my home can two or more owners be members in the club?
YES. However, under specific terms and conditions as is outlined in the Club PLC Membership Plan

If I later sell my home, will my buyer be obligated to join the club?
YES, and you will receive a full refund of your deposit once the new deposit is made.

What is the current deposit schedule?
Please refer to the Deposit Schedule for details

How many types of memberships are there?
One. THE RESIDENT MEMBERSHIP. However, there are several annual dues options that a member can select.

  • SINGLE: Strictly just for one person and only on Golf. This category might be eliminated once all other amenities are finished.
  • STANDARD. Husband, wife or significant other and unmarried children under 26 years of age. Available with golf or Social.
  • VERTICAL (THREE LEVELS): Husband wife, married children and grandchildren un 26 years of age. Could also be the husband wife, their parents and their children under 26 years of age. Available with Golf or Social.

What are the Dues in 2018 and what do you foresee them increasing to as more amenities are added?

  • Please refer to the 2018 Annual Dues Schedule.
  • It is important to know that, other than normal costs of living type increases’ that we all live with, the Club is fully committed to making membership in CLUB PLC a “VALUE ADDED” proposition and to always be very competitive with similar products in our region of Mexico.
  • Until the Beach Club, fitness and tennis facilities are completed, Social members will be charged only nominal dues. As these are completed, Social dues will increase accordingly.

Will my GUESTS be able to use the facilities?
YES. The Club does have programs for guest and unaccompanied guests. Please refer to the Membership plan for details

What about RENTERS?
YES. The Club has programs for short as well as long term renters as is outlined in the Membership plan.

Once I join the Club can I quit?
NO. Membership can only be resigned when you sell your property and the new owner joins. However, you can annually change your dues options.

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